Gastronorm Pan

Product Features:


NonoFX?: Enhanced non-stickiness.

NanoFx?, the best non-stick coating, is the technique in cooperation with Taiwanese Industrial Technology Research Institute.

NanoFX?, the revolutionary far infrared heating-reflecting features heat food from both “inside and outside” instead of traditional “outside-in”.

This helps preserve moisture and flavor.

Much better non-stickiness and durability.

Two times scratch resistant than other leading brands.

Coating is certificated under FDA regulation 175.300 by SGS.

Premium Nonstick

Premium nonstick is designed to meet the needs of the commercial users.

It uses the material from well-known brand, and is coated by 40-years’experienced manufacturer, Sun-Li Industrial, to fully present the superb nonstick properties and long-lasting duration.

Stainless Steel Product

All the item of stainless steel series is made by 18-8 stainless steel alloy.

Enameled Product

Porcelain enamel is a corrosion resistant material.

Over 400-degree Celsius heat resistance, and the hardness is up to 700HV.

All enameled product is certificated by SGS under FDA regulation of food container.