Frequently Asked Questions

Trays and Pans

  • Does these trays from gourmet kitchen fit in every model of combi oven?

    Yes, all our product fits in all brands of combi oven with GN size rack.
    Others than those some models have modified to baking size

  • Is it safe to operate in the combi oven even though it's not from original company?

    All our nonstick products are passed the FDA regulation 175.300 by SGS items by items.
    They are proved that our trays are safe to be used under circumstances of any operation in the combi oven.

  • Can I clean the tray with combi oven's built-in cleaning features?

    Only the stainless-steel grid can do. However, we don't suggest to clean any other nonstick trays by that. Since the detergent of combi oven is to clean the oven itself (stainless steel material), it contains some chemical ingredients which will corrode the base material of our tray which is aluminum alloy. Gradually, the nonstick surface will be peeled off while the base material is corroded. Please "DO NOT" wash the aluminum tray in the combi oven with.

  • How to purchase your products?

    Please leave your message at the Contact, we will contact with you ASAP.
    If you are located in USA, please find our products in AMAZON.COM with the key words: COMBI OVEN SPECIALTY TRAY STORE.